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"Body and soul are not two differernt parts, but two different ways to understand the same thing."

-Albert Einstein



60 minutes:  $80                

90 minutes:  $105

Using strong pressure, this sophisticated treatment achieves a truly effective deep massage. Ideal for those with chronic tension and for those who have experienced massage.


Sacred Stone Massage

70 Minutes:  $105

This is a healing and soothing treatment stemming from an Ancient Native American practice. The stones generate energy, creating a sense of balance and calm as well as providing relief to deep-seated muscle strain.


Aromatherapy Massage

60 Minutes:  $90

A deeply therapeutic holistic treatment combining the power of Young Living® therapeutic grade essential oils with the most effective eastern and western massage techniques. Physically relaxing and calming, while mentally uplifting and clearing.


Raindrop Therapy Massage

60 Minutes:  95

Brings balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. This treatment supports a healthy immune system, reduces stress, assists the body's detox system, and eases muscle discomfort.  Pure serenity!


Mother to be Massage

60 minutes:  80

Enjoy total bliss and relaxation during your pregnancy. A side-lying massage, contoured with multiple pillows.  A combination of nurturing strokes and therapeutic massage will help to relieve discomfort in specific muscles and joints.  Eases stress and strain.



30 minutes:  $40

Enjoy a warm foot detoxification bath to remove toxins, improve circulation, lose weight, increase energy, boost immunity and purify the skin.  Beneficial for a range of maladies, especially Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and skin issues.

The Ionic Foot Bath Detox effectively removes a variety of toxins, including acids, fungal yeast, heavy metals, and chemical compounds from the body. It is the only foot detox system in the world with a micro-computer chip conducting the detox process safely and accurately, with quality control and consistency throughout each session.



45 minutes:  $35

This simple yet effective ancient remedy may improve: sinus congestion, irritated throat, Swimmers' Ear,  and chronic headaches.  Results include a greater sense of smell, taste, hearing and balance.

Ear Candling or Coning is an alternative Holistic Ancient practice said to soothe and relieve issues in the ear such as infections, dehydration, itching and excess wax buildup. This simple and time proven therapy can be very effective in removing old and troublesome blockages from the ear canal, without the use of solutions or probes. Many people attest to the value of ear candling in cleansing the ear canals and sinus passages.


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