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"If eyes were made for seeing, then Beauty is its own excuse for being."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spa Services


60 minutes:  80                

90 minutes:  105

Using strong pressure, this sophisticated treatment achieves a truly effective deep massage. Ideal for those with chronic tension and for those who have experienced massage.


Sacred Stone Massage

70 Minutes:  105

This is a healing and soothing treatment stemming from an Ancient Native American practice. The stones generate energy, creating a sense of balance and calm as well as providing relief to deep-seated muscle strain.


Aromatherapy Massage

60 Minutes:  90

A deeply therapeutic holistic treatment combining the power of Young Living® therapeutic grade essential oils with the most effective eastern and western massage techniques. Physically relaxing and calming, while mentally uplifting and clearing.


Couples Massage

60 Minutes:  160

Bliss out together with side-by-side therapeutic massage treatments. A great way to relax, renew, and reconnect.


Mother to be Massage

60 minutes:  80

Enjoy total bliss and relaxation during your pregnancy. A side-lying massage, contoured with multiple pillows.  A combination of nurturing strokes and therapeutic massage will help to relieve discomfort in specific muscles and joints.  Eases stress and strain.



Soul Serenity Wellness Package

120 minutes:  144

This personalized experience of healing, balancing, relaxation and detoxification includes a one hour Aromatherapy Massage using Young Living® therapeutic grade essential oils and Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls followed by a 30 minute Sunlight® infrared Sauna for state-of-the-art skin purification, weight loss, detoxification, and stress reduction. 


About Face

120 minutes:  165

Enjoy a Customized Facial for your skin type and concerns, plus an Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR) Microccurent Eye Lift Treatment.  One of our skilled aestheticians will examine your skin and discuss any areas of concern, then using a line of all-natural skin care products and techniques, she will design the facial to help address those concerns. She will then administer the ELR treatment to the eye area to help lift sagging skin and smooth wrinkles.  


Slim and Sleek

120 minutes:  208 for tummy

                            273 for thighs

Watch inches disappear with our Cellulite Reduction Body Wrap, accompanied by the Microcurrent Lift Treatment (for the tummy or thighs) which smoothes and lifts. Your aesthetician will apply a nutrient-rich, hydrating body cream with a gentle massaging motion, then cover you in the far-infrared body sauna to help melt away inches. Microcurrent conducting wands will then be applied to the abdomen or thighs (choose one area) to tighten loose flesh and smooth dimpling.  


The Meltaway

120 minutes:  113

Relax with a 20-minute focus massage along with a cellulite-reducing body wrap. Your aesthetician will apply a nutrient-rich, hydrating body cream with a gentle massaging motion, then cover you in the far-infrared body sauna to help melt away inches. As body cream is being applied, areas of tension will be addressed with therapeutic massage, helping melt away stress along with inches!




Hot Sea Stone & Crystal Facial

90 minutes:  100

Warm stones and crystals are strategically placed on and around your body for detoxification and rejuvenation.  An aromatic facial cleanse, followed by a hot stone and cool crystal massage, exfoliates and firms the skin on the face.  Simply Divine. 


Serenity Facial

60 minutes:  75

Perfectly suited for all skin types, your facial is custom-designed for you.  Your experience will include skin analysis, an herbal steam treatment, deep cleanse, exfoliation and mask.  Relax completely with a soothing hand and shoulder massage.



Scalp Massage/Foot Massage

Sometimes you just need that extra TLC on your head or feet. If that's the case then add our fabulous scalp massage or foot massage. (We'll need a spatula to get you off the treatment table!)

Scalp massage


Foot massage


EcoFin paraffin for hands and feet    35


Waxing Services

Lip   10                                   

Eyebrows  15

Chin  10                                   

Lip, Eyebrow & Chin  25



We are thrilled to offer Lash Extensions!  Lash Extensions are synthetic eye lashes that are bonded to each individual lash of your own using a medical-grade adhesive. They are worn consistently without removal, and there is no need for mascara. Novalash is the brand we use at Soul Serenity. Our aestheticians have been trained in Novalash's specific application technique that results in the most natural look. The physician-developed adhesive is scientifically formulated and opthamologist tested.

Full Set   200

2-week fill   60

3-week fill   75

4-week fill   90


Ear Candling Treatment

45 minutes:  35

This simple yet effective ancient remedy may improve: sinus congestion, irritated throat, Swimmers' Ear,  and chronic headaches.  Results include a greater sense of smell, taste, hearing and balance.


Foot Detoxification Bath

30 minutes:  40

Enjoy a warm foot detoxification bath to remove toxins, improve circulation, lose weight, increase energy, boost immunity and purify the skin.  Beneficial for a range of maladies, especially Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and skin issues.


Solo Sauna

30 minutes:  35

Enjoy a relaxing infrared personal sauna, which increases metabolism, detoxifies the body, encourages weight loss and relieves stress. Lie back and let the sauna do the work. Great for slimming down before an event, or for kick-starting a weight loss program.

See our Natural Lift page for information about this remarkable treatment for face & body.

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