Soul Serenity Beauty and Wellness treats stress

We’ve all heard the phrase “stress – the silent killer,” and it’s true. Stress has several adverse effects on the body and mind. When stress goes unaddressed it continues to cause other health issues. There are many different types and causes of stress. The three main types can give you an idea of where your stress might be originating since all three lead to what we refer to as chronic stress:

Emotional: Almost all of us have dealt with emotional stress at some point in our lives, usually caused by adverse events, worries about our jobs and finances, our family life, and fear of the current state of the world.

Physical: Physical stress can lead to injuries, illness, dietary issues, being over-worked, and lack of rest. Pain can also be a result of physical stress and the emotional stress we experience.

Environmental: Environmental stress caused by external events or situations we have no direct control over. The many bad things occurring in the world can cause us to be afraid of the future.

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