If diet and excercise just can't touch some of your fat pockets then we have just the thing for you! BodySculp from Rohrer Aesthetics is the exciting new treatment bringing amazing results for targeted fat reduction without surgery!

The BodySculp’s fat reduction procedure is safe and effective while being as comfortable as possible for patients. The procedure features 1060 laser energy that targets fat cells without damaging the skin, leaving you with the body shape you've always desired.

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  • BodySculp Possible Areas of Concern

    • Stubborn fat
    • Love handles
    • Saddle bags
    • Muffin top
    • Turkey neck
    • Double chin
    • Cellulite
    • Loose skin
    • Keratosis pilaris
  • BodySculp Benefits

    • Reduces Fat & Cellulite
    • Tightens Skin
    • Improves Body Shape & Contours
    • Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production
    • Results Show 1-3 Days After 1st Treatment
    • Non-Invasive
    • Long-Lasting Results
    • Fast Treatment Time
    • No Downtime
    • Painless