If working out just isn't giving you the muscle definition you desire, then we have just the treatment for you! The Body Tone by Rohrer Aesthetics is the newest technological advancement in muscle toning and strengthening.

The BodyTone is a unique muscle strengthening and toning device that uses bio-lectric energy pulses to exercise different muscle groups to prevent muscle atrophy.  Through muscle re-education, the BodyTone strengthens, sculpts, and tones weak muscles, helping patients rebuild muscle mass.

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  • BodyTone Possible Areas of Concern

    • Stubborn fat
    • Love handles
    • Saddle bags
    • Muffin top
    • Cellulite
    • Loose skin
  • BodyTone Benefits

    • Improves Muscle Tone & Definition
    • Stimulates Muscle Growth
    • Non-Invasive
    • Gentle on All Skin Types
    • Instant & Long-Lasting Results
    • Virtually Pain-Free
    • Minimal Downtime