Clear by Skin Sheek™

Clear Unsightly Skin Irregularities With Us

Soul Serenity Beauty & Wellness is pleased to offer Skin Sheek™ Clear to treat minor skin irregularities. Clear is a non-invasive treatment that rids the skin of unsightly blemishes without penetrating the skin’s surface.

What is Clear by Skin Sheek™?

Clear by Skin Sheek™ is a non-invasive treatment that uses a high-frequency aesthetic device to enable quick, precise treatments of minor skin irregularities. Special probes regulate the application of high-frequency waves directly on the skin, without penetrating the skin’s surface, with treatments taking mere seconds. 

This simple treatment eliminates the need for costly laser procedures for many cases and is easy to add to an existing lash or massage appointment.

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What Conditions Does Clear by Skin Sheek™ Treat?

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Clear by Skin Sheek™ Treatment FAQ’s

Am I a candidate for Clear by Skin Sheek™?

Clear by Skin Sheek™ is a superb option for those looking for an effective, non-invasive treatment to rid themselves of unwanted skin irregularities without the cost or recovery of laser treatment. We do not advise this treatment for those with pacemakers or electronic devices implanted, serious heart conditions, high blood pressure, nickel allergy, and those who are pregnant or are on an anticoagulant. Please call for a consultation before booking if you have serious health conditions or any questions.

How many Clear by Skin Sheek™ treatments will I need?

Most conditions can be treated in one Clear by Skin Sheek™ session. However, capillaries and larger/more detailed irregularities may require more than one treatment.

What is the downtime with Clear by Skin Sheek™?

Depending on the size of the treatment area and the client’s comfort level, there is little to no downtime with Clear by Skin Sheek™. Patients may have a pink and sensitive treatment area but should be able to return to work the same day. They can also use makeup and return to exercise within 24-48 hours.

When will I see the results of Clear by Skin Sheek™?

Generally, Clear by Skin Sheek™ treatments take just seconds, and for many conditions, results are instant. Results continue to improve as the area heals, revealing new skin when treating certain irregularities.

Schedule an Appointment Today for Clear by Skin Sheek™

Let us help you eliminate your unsightly growths and skin irregularities. Contact Soul Serenity Beauty & Wellness Studio today to schedule an appointment for Clear by Skin Sheek™. Call us at 978-423-2531 or book an appointment today!

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