Spiritual Intuitive Coaching

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching

Are you having trouble achieving personal goals, establishing healthy habits, or letting go of bad ones? Spiritual intuitive coaching, just like traditional life coaching, helps you focus on lifestyle changes and personal growth. However, spiritual intuitive coaching focuses on connecting to your life's purpose, deepest inner self, and the divine energy that guides us all.

At Soul Serenity Beauty and Wellness, our practitioner, Kathryn Peabody, helps many through spiritual intuitive coaching find and pursue their life's divine purpose. Once you recognize your life's purpose, navigating obstacles and accomplishing goals comes with ease.

Patient receiving spiritual intuitive coaching at Soul Serenity Beauty and Wellness

Intuitive Coaching Benefits

Receive Guidance for:

  • Healing Emotional Wounds
  • Removing Energy Blockages
  • Breaking Self-Impairing Patterns
  • Avoiding Future Emotional Traumas
  • Spiritual Growth & Development
  • Improving Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Achieving Life Goals

Areas of Concern

How Spiritual Intuitive Coaching Works

Our practitioner will begin by discussing with you what you hope to accomplish and what obstacles you perceive. Next, our practitioner will work with you to create a plan that helps you connect to your inner self, realize your purpose, and execute. Regular coaching sessions will be scheduled to help you stay focused and develop healthy habits along your journey.

To begin spiritual intuitive coaching at Soul Serenity Beauty and Wellness in Kennebunk, ME and Newburyport, MA contact us today.

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